Work by Hicks&Bühler

Choreographer’s Name:                   Hicks&Bühler

Inauguration:                                      2015

Place of Work and Residence:        Frankfurt am Main

Artistic Statement:

"When we are no longer still, the world lives differently."

- Erin Manning, Relationscapes

Hicks&Bühler is Laura Hicks and Hannah Shakti Bühler. After completing studies together in the Masters in Contemporary Dance Education (MACoDE) with the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, their desire to create contemporary choreography which investigates philosophical questions through the moving body brought them together. Recently they began to also collaborate with Alex Hadjiev (sound design), Camilla Vetters and Till Korfhage (set and lighting design).

Deeply invested in the language of the body Hicks and Bühler seek to express and explore how our bodies transmit, receive, and transform information when in proximity to the other. We are interested in the depths of the unknown, in what the corporeal body understands and communicates and how movement escapes capture. Our goal is to have an artistic practice that pushes at the edges of what the body experiences; seeking the physical expression of meaning that exists only in motion. We seek to establish ourselves as choreographers in the freelance scene in Frankfurt am Main, creating contemporary dance works that provoke philosophical inquiry through sensate bodies.

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